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Established in 2012 with official incorporation in 2014, Audacity Capital is a prominent proprietary trading firm based in the UK, specifically in London. Committed to aiding traders in their success, Audacity Capital provides clients with the opportunity to work with an impressive capital of up to $2,000,000. Partnered with a tier-1 liquidity provider, they ensure optimal trading conditions with tight spreads. Audacity Capital’s unique funded trader program involves a three-step assessment phase, allowing traders to operate with 1:5 leverage. In the initial step, traders apply for the program by providing insights into their trading experience and strategy. The second step involves an interview, either face-to-face on their London trading floor or via phone for non-local candidates, delving deeper into the trader’s background. The final step results in a prompt approval process, with successful applicants receiving contract details and account credentials within 24 hours. To initiate trading, a one-time joining fee of £298 and a monthly fee of £99 are required. Upon completion of all steps, paperwork, and fee payments, traders gain access to a $15,000 trading account with a key guideline of a 10% maximum loss. Notably, there are no restrictions on minimum or maximum trading days. Profit withdrawals are allowed each time traders hit their 10% profit target, with a profit split of 50% based on the gains made in their funded account. Audacity Capital provides a comprehensive and supportive environment for traders to thrive in the dynamic world of proprietary trading.


  • Flexibility: Choose between the Ability Challenge and Funded Trader Program.
  • Quick Scaling: Double account size, up to $500,000, with each 10% profit.
  • Immediate Live Trading: Skip demo phase with Funded Trader Program.
  • MetaTrader 4 Integration: Fast, low-spread trading with covered commissions.
  • Profit Splits: 50% in Funded Trader, 75% for Ability Challenge.
  • Hidden Talents Program: Personalized mentorship for aspiring traders.


Audacity Capital boasts an attractive partnership program with fixed payouts of $35 per referral. Their educational courses, though some are priced at £649, are highly regarded by experts. These online lessons provide valuable theoretical and practical knowledge, catering to both newcomers and seasoned professionals. Impressively, over 70% of Audacity Capital’s clients continuously increase their profits, reflecting a conducive trading environment and effective training. This statistic underscores the firm’s commitment to providing a comfortable trading experience and well-structured learning resources.

Funded Trader Program Account

– Profit Target: Traders must achieve a specific 10% profit to complete an evaluation phase, request withdrawals, or scale their account.
– Maximum Loss: The overall maximum loss limit for traders is set at 10% before violating the account terms.
– Lot Size Limit: Traders are required to adhere to specified lot sizes, typically determined by the initial account balance of the proprietary firm account.
– No News Trading: Trading during high-impact news releases is prohibited.
– No Weekend Holding: Traders are not allowed to keep open positions during weekends, with the option for weekend holding available on request.

Ability Challenge Program Account

– Profit Target: Phase one requires a 10% profit target, while phase two has a 5% profit target. Funded accounts have no specified profit targets.

– Maximum Daily Loss: Phase one has a maximum daily loss limit of 7.5%, phase two is 5%, and funded accounts have a 5% daily loss limit.

– Maximum Loss: Phase one has a maximum loss limit of 15%, phase two is 10%, and funded accounts have a 10% overall loss limit.

– Minimum Trading Days: Both Ability Challenge phases and funded accounts require a minimum of 4 trading days.

– No News Trading: News trading is prohibited, except during both Ability Challenge phases.

– No Weekend Holding: Holding positions over the weekend is not allowed, except during both Ability Challenge phases, with the option available on request.

– Consistency Rule: Traders must maintain consistency in position sizes, risk management, losses, gains, etc., ensuring uniform characteristics in account results.

The Review

In summary, Audacity Capital stands as a reputable and authentic proprietary trading firm, providing live funding opportunities to traders based on their proven track record performances. Upon approval and funding, traders are required to pay a one-time fee and a monthly platform fee, gaining access to a $15,000 capital.

The Funded Trader Program, a meticulous three-step assessment, involves an interview to qualify traders for managing the firm’s capital. With a 10% profit target, successful traders can request withdrawals and potentially double their accounts, reaching a maximum balance of $480,000.

Furthermore, Audacity Capital offers the Ability Challenge, a standard two-phase evaluation, requiring traders to achieve realistic profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two. Adhering to specific maximum daily and maximum loss rules, traders can earn profit splits ranging from 75% to 85%, with the opportunity to scale accounts up to a maximum balance of $2,000,000.

I highly recommend Audacity Capital to those seeking a legitimate and well-established proprietary trading firm with clear rules and minimal limitations. Considering the comprehensive offerings from Audacity Capital, it undoubtedly stands out as one of the premier choices within the proprietary trading industry.

  • Beginner’s Challenge: Simple and retakeable on a demo account in case of failure.
  • Refunded Initial Fee: New partners get their fee back upon successful completion of the challenge.
  • Fast Approval for Professionals: Professional traders approved within 24 hours without an entry test.
  • Profit Doubling: Balance doubles upon reaching a 10% profit relative to the current balance.
  • Transparent Trading: Fast executions, no swaps, no additional fees, and tight spreads.
  • Proprietary Trading App: Exclusive app for account management and partner interaction.
  • Educational Resources: Access to specialized courses and materials available at an extra cost.
  • Initial Fee: £149, tailored for a $15,000 balance.
  • Monthly Partner Fee: Fixed at £99 for all partners.
  • Trading Options: Initially, limited to currencies and indices; commodities unlocked at the fourth level.


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