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E8 Review

E8 Reviews, based in Dallas (USA) and Prague (Czech Republic), was founded by experienced traders and investors. it offers trading opportunities with debt capital.


  • Initial fees start at $138 and vary by account types
  • Tradable assets include forex, stocks, indices, energies, metals, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading on weekends, with advisors, bots, hedging and copy trading is supported.
  • Access to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, including mobile versions.
  • Traders receive 80% of net profits, 20% goes to the company, regardless of account and phase.
  • Challenges are conducted on real accounts in two or three phases, depending on the account type.
  • After the challenge, standard drawdown limits of 8% in total and 5% per day apply, with no mandatory profit targets.
E8 Funding, a reputable proprietary trading firm, provides traders with a choice of three distinct funding programs: E8 Evaluation, Normal Evaluation, and E8 Track. Here are the key highlights of each program

E8 Evaluation (Normal Evaluation Programs)

  • Two-phase evaluation challenge with realistic profit targets of 8% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2.
  • Clear trading rules, including a 5% maximum daily drawdown and 8% maximum loss limits.
  • No minimum or maximum trading day requirements during both evaluation phases.
  • Offers an attractive 80% profit split and the option to scale your accounts.

Normal Evaluation (Extended Evaluation Programs)

  • Follows the standard two-phase evaluation format with profit targets of 8% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2.
  • Imposes practical trading objectives, with a 5% maximum daily drawdown and 10% maximum loss limits.
  • Allows an unlimited trading period and a 5-minimum trading day requirement during both evaluation phases.
  • Provides traders with an 80% profit split and the ability to scale their accounts.

E8 Track Programs (Three-Phase Evaluation Challenges)

  • Unique three-phase evaluation process, requiring profit targets of 8% in Phase 1, 5% in Phase 2, and 5% in Phase 3.
  • Realistic trading objectives, accompanied by a 5% maximum daily drawdown and 8% maximum loss limits.
  • No minimum or maximum trading day requirements during each of the three evaluation phases.
  • Offers an appealing 80% profit split and the option to scale your accounts.


While many companies focus on specific instruments, often centering around Forex, E8 redefine the landscape by providing access to a comprehensive array of trading options. From currency pairs to cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, energies, and commodities as contracts, they offer a rare breadth of opportunities.

This diversity is more than a luxury; it’s a strategic advantage. In a trading environment where partners wield substantial capital — ranging from $25,000 to $250,000 with leverage up to 1:100 — the need for effective risk diversification is paramount. The commitment that E8 has to offering an extensive range of tradable instruments isn’t just a feature; it’s a robust risk management strategy. With unique conditions offering both significant profit potential and inherent risks, traders can rest assured that they have a reliable shield against potential losses. Embrace the power of diverse trading options for a more secure and dynamic trading experience.

In our honest opinion, selecting the right account with E8 is a crucial decision. For traders with moderate to extensive experience, the standard E8 account stands out as the optimal choice. Tailored to meet the needs of those seeking a balance between features and complexity.

If you’re a partner navigating the path to trading mastery, the E8 Track account offers an additional challenge level. Although it demands more time, this choice ensures a solid foundation for a lasting and prosperous partnership, benefiting both you and the company.

For those aiming for a unique trading experience, the ELEV8 account awaits. With a balance that can exceed $100,000, this account empowers you to trade at your own pace. It’s the perfect choice if your vision includes managing $1 million and beyond. Your journey, your pace, and a promising partnership ahead.

E8 Funding stands out as a top-tier prop firm, offering transparent and attainable trading rules suitable for a diverse range of traders. Their established reputation and trader-friendly conditions make them a leading player in the proprietary trading industry. If you’re seeking a prop firm with straightforward trading guidelines, E8 Funding is an industry leader worth considering.

E8 Funding, definitely stands out in the proprietary trading landscape, offering substantial trading capital and innovative features like the E8X Dashboard. Its flexibility, featuring no minimum trading days and up to 80% profit sharing, sets it apart.

The firm’s commitment to traders is evident in its fee refund policy upon successful evaluation completion. A diverse range of financial instruments accommodates various trading styles.

  • Unlimited evaluation replays to prove your trading skills
  • Expanded opportunities with an extension feature for more time to succeed
  • Increased capital up to $1,000,000 available in ELEV8 accounts
  • Rewarding profit sharing of 80% to recognize your achievements
  • Efficient bi-weekly payouts for greater financial comfort
  • Flexible trading approach, including holding positions overnight and on weekends
  • News Trading Advantage to seize opportunities in market-moving events
  • Customized for your strategy with a scaling option for your account
  • Leverage of 1:100 to maximize potential profits
  • Diverse instruments, one platform for trading forex, commodities, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies
  • Trading freedom with no minimum trading day requirements
  • Professional insights from a competitive trading dashboard
  • Smart Risk Management: Ensure capital protection with a 5% maximum daily equity-based drawdown.
  • Navigating Slippage: Be prepared for potential trade execution issues and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Cost Considerations: Account for high commission costs to accurately assess your overall profitability and risk.
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