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Based in Austin, Texas, Smart Prop Trader offers a unique two-step evaluation process leading to fully funded trading accounts with an impressive 85% profit split (potentially 90%) and the opportunity to scale accounts to $2.5 million

Key features

  • Innovative two-phase evaluation process for earning fully funded accounts
  • Profit splits ranging from 85% to 90%
  • Tradable assets including Forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks
  • Clear rules with daily loss limits and profit targets
  • Refundable evaluation program fees upon full funding
  • Flexible trading rules with no minimum trading day requirements
  • Use of ASIC-regulated broker Eightcap with MetaTrader platforms
  • Fast and customizable profit payouts for traders’ convenience
Smart Prop Trader is dedicated to propelling traders toward success by not only providing unparalleled guidance but also offering the most advantageous deals in the industry. Boasting a seasoned professional team with over a decade of experience in trading, they bring forth a wealth of best practices and exclusive opportunities for traders worldwide. Smart Prop Trader prioritizes optimal trading conditions, ensuring traders can benefit from impressive profit splits of up to 90%. This proprietary trading firm extends an opportunity for undercapitalized traders to leverage up to $400,000 in capital, all while enjoying the flexibility to scale their account balances. Established in July 2022, Smart Prop Trader operates in collaboration with Eightcap as their broker, ensuring traders have access to excellent trading conditions and a supportive environment.

Standout Features

Its standout features include a meticulously designed two-phase evaluation program and an impressive profit-sharing model, which offers traders a generous 85% share of their profits, with the potential to increase to 90% and even reach up to $2.5 million for exceptionally successful traders.

Credibility and Security

One of the key strengths of Smart Prop Trader is the wealth of trading opportunities and tools it provides. Coupled with its affiliation with the ASIC-regulated broker, Eightcap, this platform offers a solid foundation of credibility and security.

Smart Prop

However, it’s important to note that while Smart Prop Trader offers substantial benefits, it does come with the challenge of meeting specific trading objectives. Additionally, some users have mentioned limited availability for live chat support. Despite these minor drawbacks, the platform strikes a well-balanced approach, catering to both novice and experienced traders.

Comprehensive Support

Transparency is a hallmark of Smart Prop Trader, and this extends to its conditions, risk management tools, and efficient payment and account creation systems. Moreover, the active and vibrant Discord community, competitive fee structure, and promotional offerings make it an even more appealing choice for traders seeking growth opportunities.

In essence, if you’re on a path to building a successful trading career and require a platform that seamlessly combines flexibility, generous profit sharing, and comprehensive support, Smart Prop Trader emerges as a strong contender.

The Review

In summary, Smart Prop Trader stands out as a legitimate proprietary trading firm, providing traders with the flexibility to choose from five distinct two-step evaluation program account sizes.

– Evaluation Programs:
– Conforming to industry standards, the two-phase evaluation requires completion before traders become funded and eligible for profit splits.
– Smart Prop Trader sets realistic profit targets of 7% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2, aligning with a 4% maximum daily and 8% maximum loss.
– Traders can earn compelling 85% up to 90% profit splits, coupled with the ability to scale their accounts.

In my recommendation, Smart Prop Trader proves to be an excellent option for individuals seeking a proprietary trading firm with transparent and straightforward trading rules. As a well-established entity, it caters to a diverse range of traders with unique styles, offering exceptional conditions. After a thorough consideration of all that Smart Prop Trader brings to the table, it undoubtedly stands out as one of the more compelling choices within the proprietary trading firm industry.

  • Diverse trading opportunities
  • Structured two-phase evaluation program
  • Generous 85% profit share
  • Efficient payment and account creation systems
  • Vibrant community with excellent customer service
  • Transparent trading conditions
  • Robust risk management tools
  • Free trial available
  • News trading allowed
  • No minimum trading day requirements
  • Option to scale your account up to $2.5 million
  • Challenging to meet specific trading objectives
  • Limited availability of live chat support hours
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