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Founded on April 27, 2023, and launched on August 2, 2023, My Flash Funding is a proprietary trading firm led by CEO Blake Carter, with offices in the United States. They provide global traders with two funding programs: a one-step and a two-step evaluation challenge.


  • Two evaluation programs: one-step and two-step
  • Achievable profit targets with 4% maximum daily drawdown and 6-8% maximum loss rules
  • Unlimited trading period during evaluations
  • Trading freedom: no restrictions on trading styles, including overnight and news trading
  • Account scaling opportunities
  • Competitive profit splits
MyFlashFunding is a reputable proprietary trading firm that provides traders with a choice between two funding programs: one-step and two-step evaluation accounts. What sets them apart are their straightforward and relaxed trading rules, combined with an unlimited trading period. Here are the key highlights of their offerings.

Trading Freedom

MyFlashFunding offers a level of trading freedom that’s not always common in the industry. You can hold trades overnight and over weekends, engage in news trading, and there are no lot size limitations or other restrictions on your trading style. This flexibility empowers traders to pursue their unique strategies without unnecessary constraints.

Two-Step Evaluation Challenge

For those who opt for the two-step evaluation challenge, it follows the industry-standard two-phase evaluation structure. Traders must complete both phases before becoming funded and eligible for profit splits. MyFlashFunding sets realistic profit targets of 6% in both evaluation phases, aligning with a 4% maximum daily drawdown and 8% maximum loss rules. Importantly, there are no minimum trading day requirements, and you have an unlimited trading period in both evaluation phases. With this program, you can earn 80% profit splits and have the opportunity to scale your accounts.

One-Step Evaluation Challenge

The one-step evaluation challenge accounts offer a more streamlined path to funding. Traders only need to complete one phase before becoming funded and eligible for profit splits. The profit target here is 10%, which is achievable given the 4% maximum daily drawdown and 6% maximum trailing drawdown rules. Similar to the two-step program, there are no minimum trading day requirements, and you have an unlimited trading period in the single evaluation phase. With one-step evaluation accounts, you can earn 80% profit splits and have the option to scale your accounts.

The Review

In summary, MyFlashFunding stands out as a reputable and flexible proprietary trading firm, providing traders with the option to choose between two distinctive funding programs: the two-step and one-step evaluation accounts. Boasting straightforward and accommodating trading rules, MyFlashFunding allows an unlimited trading period, enabling traders to hold positions overnight and during weekends. The firm also permits news trading, imposes no lot size limitations, and offers the freedom to tailor your trading style without restrictions.

– Two-Step Evaluation Challenge:
– Industry-standard two-phase evaluation with realistic profit targets of 6% in both phases.
– Adheres to sensible rules with a 4% maximum daily and 8% maximum loss.
– No time constraints, providing unlimited trading periods with no minimum trading day requirements.
– Earns traders competitive 80% profit splits with the ability to scale accounts.

– One-Step Evaluation Challenge:
– Streamlined one-phase evaluation with a 10% profit target before becoming funded.
– Realistic trading objectives with a 4% maximum daily drawdown and 6% maximum trailing drawdown.
– Allows an unlimited trading period with no minimum trading day requirements.
– Offers traders 80% profit splits, coupled with scalability.

In my recommendation, MyFlashFunding is an ideal choice for traders seeking a legitimate prop firm with clear rules and achievable trading objectives. With excellent conditions tailored for a diverse pool of individuals with unique trading strategies, MyFlashFunding stands as one of the promising proprietary trading firms within the industry.

  • Achieve with just 6% profit targets
  • Access up to $400K in trading capital
  • Enjoy flexibility with no time limits or minimum trading days
  • Choose between one-step and two-step funding options
  • Benefit from refundable fees
  • Trade news events with confidence
  • Hold positions overnight and over weekends
  • Earn an attractive 80% profit split
  • Receive weekly payouts after the initial payout
  • Join a community-centered prop trading firm
  • Utilize leverage up to 1:100
  • Access a wide range of trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, and indices.
  • Implement a Trailing Drawdown for One-step Evaluation Accounts
  • Encounter a competitive $7 per Round Lot Commission Fee
  • Anticipate your first payout within 30 days of trading success
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