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Glow Node, established in April 2022, is a UK-based proprietary trading firm with offices in London. Led by CEOs Sam Bradbury and Ryan Beasley, Glow Node provides global traders with three funding programs: one-step, two-step, and instant funding options.


  • Three account types: 2 Phase Evaluation, 1 Phase Evaluation, Instant Funding.
  • Profit split: 80% (scalable up to 90%).
  • Scalable accounts with balance increases based on performance.
  • Initial funding: $10,000 to $200,000, fees vary (minimum $99, refundable).
  • Partnered with Eightcap for interbank trading.
  • Tradable assets: currency pairs, indices, metals.
  • Leverage up to 1:30 (varies by asset).
  • Allows news trading, weekend trading, advisors, and copy trading.
  • Minimal trading limitations, max drawdown monitoring.
  • Provides TradingView indicators and premium proprietary indicator.
Glow Node, while relatively young in the world of proprietary trading, has already garnered a strong reputation thanks to its partnership with several thousand funded traders worldwide. One of its notable distinctions is its association with Eightcap, a well-known, reliable, and regulated broker. Glow Node offers a diverse range of financial instruments, including fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and metals. What sets them apart is their impressive level of trading maneuverability.

Flexible Leverage and Minimal Restrictions

Glow Node understands that traders have diverse needs. They offer varying leverage depending on the asset, such as 1:30 for currency pairs, 1:10 for indices, and 1:3 for cryptocurrencies. Importantly, there are few restrictions in place. There’s no rigid profit target or mandatory number of trading days. Traders even have the flexibility to monitor drawdown rather than placing a stop loss. Such a level of freedom in trading is a rarity among prop trading firms.

Innovative Funding Options

Glow Node offers innovative funding options. Traders can choose between 1-phase or 2-phase challenges or opt for instant funding. In the latter case, traders transfer 10% of the maximum drawdown limit to Glow Node’s account. For instance, if traders select a $100,000 balance with a $5,000 drawdown limit, they send $500 to Glow Node. This fee can be refunded if the trader’s account reaches the maximum scaling. Traders enjoy standard profit split conditions, starting at 80% and going up to 90% when scaling. Instant funding with such terms is a rarity in the current market.

Robust Trading Environment

Glow Node operates exclusively through the MetaTrader 4 platform, a powerful and widely used trading tool. While some traders may consider this a drawback if they’re accustomed to other solutions, it’s more of a constructive nuance that should be taken into account. The absence of a call center is compensated by a responsive live chat and the availability of a Discord channel for support.

Advanced Trading Tools

Glow Node offers a range of valuable indicators for TradingView. Of particular interest is the premium indicator, priced at $39.99 per month, with discounts for 3-month or yearly subscriptions. Developed by the firm’s expert traders based on years of market analysis, this indicator is versatile and effective across various assets when used correctly

The Review

Glow Node is officially registered, operates transparently, and has not been associated with any deceit or failure to meet its obligations to partners. Profit withdrawals are possible after a month of trading on a live account, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $50. Subsequent withdrawal requests can be made every 14 days. Popular withdrawal options, including bank cards and e-wallets, are available.

In summary, Glow Node distinguishes itself as a reputable and adaptable proprietary trading firm, offering traders a unique array of choices, including a two-phase evaluation, a one-phase evaluation, and the flexibility to customize their evaluation program.

– Two-Phase Evaluation Programs:
– Follows the industry-standard two-phase evaluation, requiring success in reaching profit targets of 8% in Phase 1 and 5% in Phase 2.
– Adheres to realistic trading objectives with a 5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss.
– Provides traders with the opportunity to earn competitive profit splits ranging from 80% up to 90%.
– Allows scalability for traders aiming to grow their accounts.

– One-Phase Evaluation Programs:
– Offers flexibility with various account sizes in the one-phase evaluation program.
– Requires traders to achieve a 10% profit target during an unlimited time period.
– Implements clear rules with a 4% maximum daily and 8% maximum trailing loss.
– Enables traders to earn profit splits of 80% up to 90%, along with the option to scale their accounts.

Glow Node provides traders of all levels with an exceptional level of flexibility and opportunity. Their transparent and reliable approach to proprietary trading, combined with innovative funding options and a range of advanced tools, positions them as a compelling choice in the industry. Whether you’re just starting your trading journey or seeking new avenues for profit, Glow Node offers a partner-friendly environment that caters to your needs.

In my recommendation, Glow Node is an excellent choice for those seeking a proprietary trading firm with clear, relaxed, and customizable trading rules. As a well-established entity, it delivers an exceptional funding experience with ideal trading conditions, catering to a diverse pool of individuals. After a comprehensive evaluation of Glow Node’s offerings, it certainly stands out as one of the better options within the prop trading industry.


  • Three account types and five balance options for personalized trading conditions
  • TradingView indicators and a premium option are provided
  • No profit target, allowing flexibility in trading style and strategy
  • Trade various assets with leverage up to 1:30
  • Scalable accounts, with potential balances of up to $1,000,000 for successful traders
  • Professional traders can access instant funding with Glow Node
  • An 80% profit split that increases to 90% when scaling the balance.
  • Regular accounts lack balance scaling; once set, it can’t be increased with additional funding.
  • Limited platform support; only MetaTrader 4 is available.
  • Contests held regularly, but high competition can be challenging for less experienced traders to secure prizes.
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