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FTMO is a prominent proprietary trading firm headquartered in the Czech Republic, renowned for its expertise in the field of Forex trading.


  • Two-Phase Evaluation Process
  • Realistic Profit Targets (10% and 5%)
  • Strong Emphasis on Risk Management
  • Competitive Profit Splits (70% to 90%)
  • Account Scaling Options
  • Multiple Funding Account Sizes
  • Global Accessibility
  • Educational Resources and Support
  • Transparent Policies
  • Proven Track Record in Funding Traders
FTMO stands as a trusted and authentic proprietary trading firm, presenting traders with a choice between two distinct two-phase evaluation program account types. The selection between normal and aggressive account types entails different trading objectives and adherence to distinct rules.

Normal Evaluation Programs

  • FTMO’s normal evaluation programs adhere to the industry-standard two-phase evaluation structure. Successful completion of both phases is necessary to attain funding and profit split eligibility.
  • Traders must meet profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two, aligning perfectly with achievable trading goals.
  • Adherence to maximum daily loss (5%) and maximum loss (10%) rules is essential to maintain responsible trading practices.
  • Normal evaluation programs offer profit splits ranging from 80% to 90%, with the added advantage of account scaling.
  • It’s important to note that normal account types allow trading with 1:100 leverage, but they come with certain restrictions, such as the inability to hold trades over weekends and trade during high-impact news releases.

Aggressive Evaluation Programs

  • Similarly, FTMO’s aggressive evaluation programs follow the industry-standard two-phase evaluation framework, requiring successful completion of both phases for funding and profit split eligibility.
  • In this case, traders aim for profit targets of 20% in phase one and 10% in phase two, mirroring practical trading objectives.
  • Adherence to maximum daily loss (10%) and maximum loss (20%) rules is mandatory.
  • Aggressive evaluation programs offer profit splits ranging from 80% to 90%, with the opportunity for account scaling.
  • Notably, traders under aggressive account types can trade with 1:30 leverage, retain trades over weekends, and engage in trading during high-impact news releases.

A Trusted Choice

FTMO is a suitable choice for individuals seeking a proprietary trading firm characterized by transparent and well-defined rules. With an active presence in the industry since 2015, FTMO has consistently showcased remarkable results and statistics, contributing to the funding of traders worldwide.

The Review

In conclusion, FTMO emerges as a reputable proprietary trading firm, presenting traders with diverse options within their two-phase evaluation program account sizes.

-Evaluation Programs:
– Industry-standard two-phase evaluation challenge.
– Profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two before funding.
– Realistic objectives with 5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss rules.
– Earn 80% to 90% profit splits and the ability to scale accounts.
– 1:100 leverage available, with no weekend holding and restrictions during high-impact news releases.

After comprehensive consideration of FTMO’s offerings, it’s evident that they hold a prominent position among the finest proprietary trading firms within the industry. Their commitment to transparency and their well-structured evaluation programs make them a trustworthy choice for traders seeking authentic opportunities in the world of proprietary trading.

  • Lowest one-time fee, fully refundable upon passing the evaluation.
  • Impressive payout track record, surpassing $70 million to funded traders in 2022.
  • Competitive profit sharing, starting at 80% for new traders and potential graduation to 90%.
  • Extensive range of tradable assets, from forex to commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Investment in trade-tracking technology, offering risk management and profit optimization tools.
  • Scaling plan granting skilled traders access to up to $2 million in capital.
  • Abundance of trader-generated resources, including valuable advice on conquering the FTMO Challenge.
  • Traders use demo accounts, even after passing the Challenge.
  • Two-step evaluation process: Challenge and Verification.
  • Initial 10% profit target, reduced to 5% for the Verification stage after passing the Challenge.
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