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The Funded Trader, a dynamic proprietary trading firm founded on May 12, 2021, and headquartered in Texas, seeks passionate and skilled traders to thrive with their support in navigating unpredictable market conditions. This rapidly expanding firm offers traders the opportunity to manage account sizes reaching up to $400,000, providing the flexibility to trade diverse financial instruments such as forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. With a commitment to success, traders can earn substantial profits, enjoying profit splits of up to 90%. The Funded Trader’s stellar reputation and outstanding ratings underscore its commitment to fostering the growth and success of experienced traders in the challenging world of financial markets.


  • Up to 90% profit split (80% default)
  • 4 different programs with 1 or 2-step evaluation and features adaptable to all types of traders.
  • Can use EAs, scalping, news trading,
  • Up to 1:200 Leverage.
  • Refundable registration fee. One-off payment (not monthly).
  • Low prices and frequent promotions and discount coupons.
  • Rating with stars: 4,8 stars
When it comes to prop trading firms, The Funded Trader stands out as a highly recommended choice, backed by a myriad of positive reviews. This firm has firmly established itself as a trustworthy and legitimate player in the field. Their unwavering commitment to providing global traders with funding opportunities post successful completion of the Evaluation Process is a testament to their credibility. The Funded Trader is a reputable proprietary trading firm that presents traders with a variety of funding programs to choose from: Standard, Rapid, Royal, and Knight.

Standard Challenge Programs

  • Standard challenge programs follow the industry-standard two-phase evaluation challenge, requiring the completion of both phases to secure funding and profit splits.
  • Achieving profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two aligns perfectly with realistic trading objectives.
  • Adherence to 5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss rules ensures responsible trading practices.
  • Participants in standard challenges can enjoy profit splits of up to 90% and have the option to scale their accounts.

Royal Challenge Programs

  • Royal challenge programs mirror the two-phase evaluation approach, with profit targets of 8% in phase one and 5% in phase two.
  • Aligned with 5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss rules, these objectives present realistic goals.
  • Traders opting for royal challenges can secure profit splits of up to 90%, coupled with account scaling possibilities.

Knight Challenge

  • Knight challenge accounts introduce a distinct one-step evaluation strategy, with completion of this phase requisite for funding and profit split eligibility.
  • Accomplishing a profit target of 10% is the key requirement, complementing 3% maximum daily and 6% maximum trailing loss rules.
  • Participants in knight challenges can achieve profit splits ranging from 80% to 90%, all while scaling their accounts.

Dragon Challenge

The Funded Trader Dragon Challenge, the newly added challenge, presents a unique opportunity for traders to manage accounts ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. The challenge, divided into Regular and Swing types, offers varying leverage with 1:100 for Regular and 1:30 for Swing, the latter allowing weekend position holding. In phase one, traders target an 8% profit without exceeding 5% daily loss or 10% maximum loss, with no specific trading day requirements. Advancing to phase two and funded status involves achieving a 5% profit while adhering to loss limits. Phase three mirrors phase two’s objectives. Successful completion grants a funded account with no minimum withdrawal requirements, subject to the 5% daily loss and 10% maximum loss rules. Payouts, beginning seven days after the first position, occur weekly with a profit split ranging from 75% to 95% based on earned profits.

Highlights of the Dragon Challenge:

– Profit Targets: Traders aim for an 8% profit in Phase 1 and a 5% profit in both Phase 2 and Phase 3. Funded accounts have no specified profit targets.

– Maximum Daily Loss: Traders have a 5% limit on losses within a single trading day, applicable to all account sizes.

– Maximum Loss: A 10% limit on overall losses, ensuring prudent risk management for all account sizes.

– No Martingale: Traders are strictly prohibited from employing martingale strategies during their trading activities.

The Review

In summary, The Funded Trader stands out as a reputable proprietary trading firm, presenting traders with a choice among four distinct funding programs: Standard, Rapid, Royal, and Knight. The Standard, Rapid, and Royal challenge programs follow an industry-standard two-phase evaluation, necessitating traders to reach realistic profit targets of 10% in phase one and 5% in phase two. With stringent yet reasonable rules of a 5% maximum daily and 10% maximum loss, traders have the opportunity to earn impressive profit splits of up to 90% while having the flexibility to scale their accounts.

The Knight challenge, in contrast, operates as a one-step evaluation program, requiring traders to achieve a 10% profit target. This program introduces a slightly different set of rules with a 3% maximum daily and 6% maximum trailing loss. Despite these adjustments, successful traders can still enjoy profit splits ranging from 80% to 90% while also having the ability to scale their accounts.

In my recommendation, The Funded Trader emerges as an ideal choice for those seeking a prop firm with clear and straightforward trading rules. As a well-established entity in the industry, it offers favorable conditions for a diverse range of individuals with unique trading styles. Taking into account their comprehensive offerings, The Funded Trader undoubtedly positions itself as one of the industry-leading proprietary trading firms.

  • Streamlined and clear trading rules for user convenience
  • Four versatile program options with adaptable profit goals and risk parameters
  • User-friendly risk criteria with a 5% daily drawdown and 10% total drawdown in the Standard Challenge
  • High maximum leverage of 1:200 for traders
  • Diverse range of tradable financial instruments, including Forex, Metals, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies
  • Efficient profit withdrawals and multiple payment methods for user convenience
  • Economical and refundable challenge access fees
  • Efficient profit withdrawals and multiple payment methods for user convenience
  • The Funded Trader is a strong contender in the proprietary trading firm landscape due to its robust ratings, user-friendly rules, adaptable programs, and trader-centric features.
  • Limited operational history since 2021 compared to longer-standing competitors
  • Variable fee structure with slightly higher commissions and spreads on specific financial instruments depending on the chosen broker
  • Funded accounts retain demo-like characteristics even after completing the Challenge, and trade replication is at the company’s discretion, raising potential concerns about conflicts of interest
  • While The Funded Trader offers several advantages, these points highlight areas that traders should investigate further to assess compatibility with their trading objectives and preferences.
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